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CQUniversity’s affordable and competitive international course tuition fees do not compromise the quality of education we provide or our graduate outcomes. In fact, CQUni graduates earn more than the national average starting salaries (ComparED 2020). We’re also ranked in the top 10 universities for full-time employment and starting salary (Good Universities Guide 2021).

Our outstanding graduate outcomes are only further strengthened by the recent International Student Barometer survey results which show we are well above the Australian average in value for money.

The CQUni Fee Advantage

Our course fees set us apart from other universities. Findings from Studymove show that both our average undergraduate and postgraduate course fees are approximately 13% and 22% respectively more affordable than the average course fees of other Australian universities.

  Fee per year (no scholarship) UG total course fee (3 years) Saving if student studies at CQUni
UG Go8 average $43 233 $129 699 $39 444
UG ATN average $34 606 $103 818 $13 563
UG all universities average $34 183 $102 549 $12 294
UG CQUni average $30 085 $90 255  
  Fee per year (no scholarship) PG total course fee (2 years) Saving if student studies at CQUni
PG Go8 average $42 683 $85 366 $28 602
PG ATN average $35 885 $71 770 $15 006
PG all universities average $34 823 $69 646 $12 882
PG CQUni average $28 382 $56 764

Data source: Studymove International Tuition Fee Comparison 2020


The information contained on this page has been sourced through a third party and the data has been used for illustration purposes only. This fee data is approximate in nature and subject to change. Please confirm any information with individual universities.

Estimated Fees

As an international student, you will enrol in your course as a full fee paying student. Tuition fees vary depending on the course and units you study. The below outlines an indicative range for 2022.

Course type and level Tuition fee range (A$)
English language $435 per week
Diploma (vocational) $4 435 – 24 988 per course
Diploma (higher education) $30 480 – 33 360 per year
Bachelor degree $30 480 – 33 360 per year
Masters degree (coursework) $30 720 – 45 000 per year
Doctoral degree $22 224 – 36 300 per year

Fee Support

Our tuition fees are already comparatively affordable, but on top of that, we offer various means of financial support to help with your tuition fees such as scholarships and payment plans.

Fee support through a scholarship

The International Student Scholarship (ISS) valued at 25% of the course tuition fee is available to all new international students who have completed their most recent studies. To provide additional support for students to access higher education in these uncertain times, we have waived all GPA requirements to receive the scholarship in 2021 and 2022

You may also be eligible for additional Government-funded scholarships such as the Destination Australia Scholarship valued up to A$15 000 per year, if you study at one of CQUniversity’s regional campuses. Terms and conditions apply.

Read more on these scholarships on the Scholarships and Funding page.


In 2021 and 2022, CQUniversity is offering free English language courses if you enrol in any English course packaged with an academic course at the University. This offer is available for online and face-to-face teaching in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Rockhampton.

No matter how many weeks of English you need, you will pay zero tuition fee to study the English course. If you need 30 weeks of English, you will save approximately A$13 050 in English language tuition fee.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available to continuing students. There may be different types of payment plans for different terms. Contact us for more information.